Here are the promotional pictures I shot for the event AWF Apocalypse, that will take place the day after the end of the world (December 21st, 2012).

El Vikingo & Malafama were shot with a Canon 7DSofia was shot with Canon 60D and Songo was shot with the Nikon D7000. They all have a slight HDR treatment added for style by the Graphic Designer yet the Color rendering and latitude of the Nikon D7000 pictures was really impressive right off the camera. I’m seriously contemplating switching to Nikon for most of my future work. Let’s see what happens. 

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So I’ve been working on a project for the “AWF” (Artist Wrestling Federation). I’ve been in charge of the Cinematography of the promo and the Photography for the Artists that will take part in the event. Here’s the official promo for the event.

The footage shot by me is closer to the end of the news report as an important story element for the actual event. (It’s in Spanish) The event is called AWF Apocalypse and it will take place in Puerto Rico, the day after the end of the world (December 21st, 2012).

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BTW La voz si es Carlos Weber. 

Carlos Weber

The first video of “El Parao" Guerrilla Stand-up Comedy is out.

Ya salió el primer video de EL PARAO.

SupaKid website
A great artist and colleague. You should check her out. Here’s her website. 

SupaKid website

A great artist and colleague. You should check her out. Here’s her website. 


Here’s a Teaser we shot for “El Parao”: A performance piece by Esteban Ruiz.

Camera: Jeshua González and Daniela Paola aka SUPAKID
Bartender 1: Carlos Ambert
Bartender 2: Jose Oyola
Animation: Orlando Santiago
Song: Letal - Los Vigilantes


For all you lovers of animation: Here’s a documentary I made on the legendary work of Don Bluth.

Intro Sequence I did for the Reigning Men TV Pilot.

This is an intro Sequence I made for the Reigning Men TV Pilot. The track used is Temp Music by Mick Mazz (The Great White Light). It was done entirely in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

The Project is an Original Concept by Wesley Fleming and Neena Page Ramsey.
Producer: Claudia Lovera

Here is a most intense trailer to my latest project “Handprints”.

Synopsis: When a paranormal investigator embarks on the wrong case, he is faced with the past he never expected.

Director: Wesley Grant Fleming

Producer: Christoph Tallerico

Cinematographer: Jeshua R. González

Editor: Katherine Huang

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Here’s a sample of my work for all of those who were interested.

VideoReel Spring 2012

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